I am a self-employed artist/sculptor, producing high quality sculptural works of art predominately out of stone and metal.

It’s important to me that people experience the sculptures first hand and are able to touch, stroke, and engage. Therefore each piece is made very tactile and often displayed in very public environments, such as parks, schools and playgrounds. It is very important to me that a sculpture compliments its surroundings, enhancing its environment.

I am experienced in working to a budget, deadlines and health and safety requirements having completed multiple commissions and exhibitions throughout the UK. I often create work for an outdoor or indoor public setting. Whether designing and creating the piece myself or having it fabricated by a specialist my work is always highly original, well crafted and an investment for the future.

Private Commission

Green Lane Special School.

Paradise St Health Centre Stage 2

Past Commissions...

Past Commissions have included sculptures for Tesco, Councils, Corporations, private collections, Galleries, Schools, and Health Centres.  

I specialise in working with schools or community groups to engage them in the design and some times the realisation of pieces of work, encouraging ownership and local pride.

Paradise St Health Centre Stage 1

I am always interested in new commissions, Private or Public, BIG or small. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.   Contact_me%21.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

Eastfield Primary School

Fairfield Primary School

Manor Park School Dorchester

St Francis Special School

Private Commission

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Commission bids...

Corporate event commission